Sunday, July 8, 2007

Thank yous!

This is just a thank you note for those who have recently supported the Common Man Tour and helped us get from Albany to Whitehall. It was Tony Gillespie of Glens Falls who helped us get from Schuylerville to Fort Edward. We had to Exit at the Fort Edward Town Dock, lifting the Gheenoe over railings and carrying it a bit of a way. And thanks to the unknown Jason who had been minding his own business, fishing, when his mother volunteered his manual labor services to help us.
Then my buddy Bruce Metcalf arrived from the Rochester area to help. He recruited his buddy Ray Burlett of So. Glens Falls to join the cause. They got me through the storms, a little wet, but none the worse for the wear under difficult circumstances. Thanks guys!
And, as I will soon go through Lock 12, and head up into Lake Champlain - Tuesday methinks - I want to thank all of the locktenders along the Hudson River and the Champlain Canal for their assistance. Originally I thought they would be annoyed by a 15 ft. canoe bothering them to go through their locks. Just the opposite! They were friendly, supportive and called me through to each successive lock to be sure I made it. Thanks to all.
Special thanks to Kevin at Lock 5 for all his planning help, last year and this year. Mike at Lock 7 helped me find a boat launch to make my life, and the life of my team, a little easier. Bill? at Lock 9 for figuring a way to keep my canoe overnight. And thank you to Director Carmella Mellita of the NYS Canal System for your support and pledging the support of your entire staff. It was a great and interesting ride!
And thanks to all of you for following the Common Man Tour. For more info, go to for future events and activities along our 300 mile book tour.
Best wishes to all,


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