Friday, June 29, 2007

Ever wondered?

Did you ever wonder if there are ads on the waterways like there are billboards on highways?
Well, here is your answer, at least for the Saratoga National Historical Park. This sign is about at the halfway point between Stillwater and Schuylerville on the Hudson River. It's a 14.3 mile journey overall.
It was professional photographer Marylou Weiner's last day before returning to Canada, so we took a leisurely boat ride along this stretch. Thank you Marylou for documenting the beginning of a wonderful adventure.
Thanks to Marylou we have some great images of the beginning of the trip and of the Common Man. If you need images for your media outlets, let us know. For publicity shots about the Common Man Tour, Marylou only asks that she be given a photo credit. The images can be used commercially for a small fee.
Sunday, we're going to try to complete our journey to Fort Edward!
Thanks for tuning in!


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