Saturday, July 7, 2007

You can't get lost!

Today, Saturday 07/07/07, was a great day. We traveled the Champlain Canal essentially from Ft. Ann to Whitehall, and had a great time doing it. You can't get lost because it is essentially 15 miles of a canal, about 100 yards wide that actually goes straight for miles.
Along the way we passed farmers' fields, but mostly just wooded areas along both sides of the canal. We could hear birds constantly. It's an ornithologist or bird watchers dream trip. As we got further north, those fields turned into stone outcroppings, and even small cliffs at times. But the bird sounds were still there.
Our arrival in Whitehall required us to "outrun" a group of large power boats gaining on us. (We were rowing when we spotted them bearing down on us.) We quickly switched to our motor and kicked it into high gear. In town we turned and faced them and their wakes. Out of 5 boats, all slowed down except one large vessel. Other boaters chastised them by pointing to the "no wake" signs after they threw their wake at us.
Large boat wakes continue to be the greatest threat to us on our trip.
We're signing books on Sunday from 2-4 pm at Skene Manor Castle overlooking Whitehall. Join us!


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