Friday, July 6, 2007

Tough Day!

This duck met us as we started our day at Lock 7 of the Champlain Canal. She was to be a harbinger of our day to come. It was certainly "duck" weather on this day on the water. We had already been delayed for two hours by serious thunderstorms. Thanks to good advice from our support staff and the final decision to delay by the Common Man, we did not launch early on. Two waves of unpredicted and nasty thunderstorms stormed through and then we thought it was over, so we launched.
Fifteen minutes later, the rains came, with more thunder in the background. We made some headway, but a couple of hours later another series of storms were coming in with heavy thunder and rains.
Despite all that, we made our 8 miles to Lock 9, just short of Fort Ann. Other local areas were hit by 60 mile an hour winds, hail and lots of lightning. We missed the worst of it and got off the water just before more of it hit.
So I guess you could say that that duck was a lucky charm for us today!
Pushing on to Whitehall, the Birthplace of the American Navy tomorrow, hopefully in much better weather.


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