Sunday, September 2, 2007

Guns of Fort Ticonderoga

As we paddled down the narrow LaChute River, the flags of Fort Ticonderoga came into view above the trees. As we got closer, we could actually hear the sounds of a bugle, and then the firing of muskets and cannon. Now, we intellectually knew that Fort Ti was not firing on us in 2007, but it did give us the feeling of what someone might feel who was exiting the LaChute river and coming under the guns of Fort Ticonderoga in th late 1750's. (And that's why we are on this trip.) We ventured out in Lake Champlain, knowing full well that the guns of Ti could have easily reached our boat back then. After a few pictures, we retreated back up the LaChute River to the safety of Ticonderoga, having suffered no battle damage from the Guns at Ti!


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