Thursday, August 16, 2007

St. Lawrence River, here we come!

It's a BIG river steeped in history. It was the primary French trade route for a couple hundred years. The fur trade flourished on it. 36 ft. long canoes braved its rapids to take tradegoods upriver to the Great Lakes, and bring furs downriver destined for the markets in Europe.
Today, oceangoing freighters and tankers ply its waters on their way to the heartland of America. Iron ore, coal and other commodities come back down it, headed for worldwide destinations.
We'll "arrive" in Cape Vincent at 2 pm on the 18th. That's where Lake Ontario meets the St. Lawrence River.
Catch our "French and Indian War in the 1000 Islands" presentation at 7 pm on Thursday the 23rd at the Cornwall Brothers Store in Alex Bay. Or, catch us for another "arrival" presentation at Wellesley Island State Park's Nature Center at 3 pm on the 24th.
And pick up some of our Thousand Island area books and trail guides at our booksigning from 1-4 pm on Saturday the 25th.
Between gigs, catch us sailing, rowing, paddling or motoring down the St. Lawrence River from Cape Vincent to Morristown during our stay.
And please, wish us good weather and fair westerly winds.
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At August 19, 2007 at 8:09 AM , Blogger Debbie D. said...

"Common Man" obviously isn't so common! Your blog entries reveal the feelings, emotions, and visuals as one (in spirit) rows along side you. You are serving history and the "people" well while providing a great learning experience for both the young and old.

Great job and best of luck through the rest of your journey.


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